Prisoners Do-It-Yourself
Prisoners Do-It-Yourself


We at P.D.I.Y. are here to help our incarcerated brothers, and sisters in many ways. We set up local numbers for them to use so they can call family and friends. We set up monitored emails, for when that "snail mail" is just to slow! We print and send pictures, so they can have memories to put up on their walls for those hard days. We order books for them so they are able to read on their down time. If they have someone visiting and they just can't seem to find a good hotel we help them, by finding a good priced room close by. We help them send gifts to their families and friends whatever the occation may be! If they wish to be close to everyone all at once we also set up a Facebook page for them, how do you like that? 

These are just the options we offer, for more just ask!

In order to communicate privately with the prisoners, you have to set a corrlinks email. If you apply via computer it is of no cost to you. There is also a app for your phone which costs $6 per year.

There is several ways to communicate with many of the Prisons. Though Email, Snail mail, and some even have numbers you can text!

If you need any assistance setting up your corrlinks account, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

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